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Telemedicine Appointments - Orlando Hand Surgery Associates

Telemedicine Appointments are Now Available


Orthopedic Telemedicine appointments are available via FaceTime or WhatsApp. Our expert physicians can assist all patients in evaluating and treating upper extremity problems from shoulders to fingers and conduct routine follow ups (when an injection is not likely to be recommended). We can also discuss the results of a MRI and nerve test or potential surgery. During a telemedicine appointment, we can also order new MRI or nerve tests or discuss physical and occupational therapy.

We accept insurance (per authorization) for these appointments and will offer a self-pay of $50 per appointment. For self-pay patients, if the appointment results in an in-person visit, the $50 self-pay fee will be applied toward any costs incurred during the in-person visit.

Complete the information below and someone from OHSA will contact you immediately to schedule a same day or next day appointment.

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If you are having trouble scheduling this appointment or have any questions, feel free to text us at (844) 809-1082 or call us at (407) 841-2100. We are happy to assist you.