Thumb Sprain Surgery


You may currently experience a weakness when gripping objects using your thumb and your index finger. You may have recently experienced a fall on your hand that forcefully extended your thumb backward away from the palm of your hand. This motion stretches your ligament beyond its normal limits which may have caused it to tear. This tear may happen in the middle of the ligament or it might have torn away from the bone, but we can help you overcome this pain with our thumb sprains surgery.

How to Prepare for Surgery

You won’t be able to eat the day you have surgery. You should be able to continue drinking water as normal. Just avoid drinking other beverages, like soda, juice, or milk. We may also ask that you quit taking certain medications like aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs a few days before surgery. Make sure we know what medications you take regularly.


This is an outpatient surgery which means you can return home after you wake up from surgery. During surgery, a small incision will be made to locate the torn ligament. Then we will reconnect the ligament to the bone. If pieces of the bone broke during your accident we will also use medical equipment like pins, screws, or a special bone anchor to secure your bone and ligament in place.


After surgery, you will wake up with a cast or splint on your hand. You will keep this on for six to 12 weeks. Then we will ask that you start physical therapy exercises to regain your strength in your thumb and hand.


Your ligament is repaired allowing you to use your thumb again.


Possible complications include infection, blood loss, and nerve damage as with any surgery.


Many patients see surgery fix their pain and stiffness. However, some may experience arthritis in the joint after surgery.