Wrist Tendonitis Surgery


If you have wrist tendonitis you may experience pain or stiffness associated with the increased amount of use. As a result, you may have tried rest, ice, pain relievers, physical therapy, or steroid injections without any relief. Now you are interested in a more permanent treatment. Orlando Hand Surgery Associates can help relieve your pain or stiffness by removing scar tissue through our wrist tendonitis surgery.

How to Prepare for Surgery

You won’t be able to eat the day you have surgery. You should be able to continue drinking water as normal. Just avoid drinking other beverages, like soda, juice, or milk. We may also ask that you quit taking certain medications like aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs a few days before surgery. Make sure we know what medications you take regularly. Plan to wear loose-fitting clothes that are easy to change into after surgery.


This surgery is typically a minimally invasive outpatient surgery which means you will be able to return home after you wake up. A small incision is made near the painful tendons. Then, we will locate the tendons and remove the scar tissue preventing pain-free mobility. We will also ensure the rest of the tendon is in good condition or use stitches to repair the damaged pieces.


After surgery, you will wake up in a splint or cast to allow for stabilization of the wrist until it heals. After we remove your cast or splint, we may send you to physical therapy to aid in regaining your strength. You can expect a full recovery in three to four weeks, however, depending on the severity of your surgery, some may need as long as four to six months.


The scar tissue creating painful movement is removed and the tendon is checked for overall health and repaired if necessary.


Possible complications include infection, blood loss, and nerve damage as with any surgery.


Some patient’s tendonitis returns if they didn’t heal correctly after surgery.